SAGAn Beauty & Healthcare Global Accelerator 2021

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Innovative challenge to the world from Saga, Japan, Asian cosmetics cluster

Saga Prefecture, a prefecture on Kyushu island in Japan, has a wealth of natural raw materials and is growing into one of Asia's leading beauty and healthcare industry clusters. This year, we want to provide domestic and international start-ups with access to a wide variety of resources in Saga, and in turn, wish to grow our cosmetic business innovation programme globally in a win-win approach for all parties!

Our ambition is for innovative Startups from around the world to gather in Saga, and together we will become a global incubation cluster of production, sales, and development, where we can promote manufacturing and problem-solving in advanced beauty and healthcare.

Let's create a future where people can experience the joy of beauty and health together with Saga!


Themes to tackle





of joining the SAGAn Beauty & Healthcare Global Accelerator 2021


Support from local communities and governments to conduct verification experiments and prototypes

We support the creation of prototypes according to the progress and verification objectives of each startup to help build a feasible model.

Business growth support

In order to accelerate the growth of each startup, we will support them to brush up their business model through hands-on mentoring for about 4 months.

Support for start-ups to make the best out of resources in Saga (production, sales, development)

Start-ups will learn about the resources/assets in Saga through events such as field tours and online introductions, and be provided with opportunities for discussions about their utilization.

Support for business development in Saga Prefecture

We support the establishment of a value chain and business structure for effective business development in Saga.

Support for the development of distribution and sales channels from Saga to the world

Utilizing the cosmetics network in Saga, we will support the development of sales channels in Europe and Asia through collaboration with France's Cosmetic valley.


  • Application Phase

    Aug 20 - Sept 30

    Register and complete your application form!

  • Voting

    Oct 1 - Nov 2

    The 10 Startups will be selected for the Acceleration phase

  • Acceleration phase

    Nov 15 - Feb 27, 2022

    The 10 Startups will have exclusive mentoring and access to events to develop their projects.

  • Final Event

    Feb 28 - 2022

    The 10 Startups to pitch to the final jury

About the Saga Prefecture Incentive System


About the Cosmetics Startup Entrepreneurship Support System



Please find below some articles regarding this program. The articles are in Japanese, but feel free to use a translating tool if you wish to read them!

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