SAGAn Beauty & Healthcare Global Accelerator 2021

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Blessed with a mild climate and an abundance of nature, Saga Prefecture is located in the northwestern part of Kyushu, and has played an important role historically and culturally as a window to continental culture.

The prefecture has focused on revitalizing the cosmetic industry by utilizing local resources through the exchange of diverse human resources and the accumulation of technologies in Saga.

In 2013, we joined forces with the world's largest cosmetics industry cluster, Cosmetic Valley, in France, to expand into the global market and promote the cosmetic concept.

In 2020, we introduced an accelerator program to further develop Saga’s international cosmetic cluster. We aim to create beauty and healthcare businesses in Saga that will change the world through collaboration among companies and start-ups in the prefecture, universities, and other research institutes, and industry-academia collaborations along with government and economic organizations.


Since 2013, Saga Prefecture has been promoting the "Cosmetic Concept" as an initiative for regional development, aiming to accumulate cosmetic industries related to beauty and health in the northern Kyushu area and to become a supply center for natural raw materials related to cosmetics. "SAGAn BEAUTY" is a symbol of Saga Prefecture to support companies that are developing various businesses in support of the "Cosmetic Concept", and people who are looking for high quality beauty through careful selection of materials.


Haidilao Hot Pot

Industrial Technology Center of SAGA

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Industrial Smart Center of SAGA

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Polar Puffs and Cakes

Saga Prefecture Industrial Innovation Center

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Tong Garden

SAGA Light Source

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Uncle Saba's

Japan Cosmetic Center

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